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Some Public Advice….

So I have finished my first short sory. It is an adaption based on using the first paragraph of a story and creating your own tale from it. I have never posted any of my stories online, so I’m a little nervous about it. I would love to get some feedback and opinions about the … Continue reading

Days of Scathing Sun and Roaring Rain

Yesterday I worked a function on a Golf Course. For those of you that are not bartenders or managers, or who haven’t worked in the service industries, golf days suck. Mainly because I am a young female and all the older men want to flirt and have their jokes laughed at. One guy came up … Continue reading

A Child of the City

All the cars are still. The rain pours down in merciless showers, and we are all unanimously suspended. This moment is so profound. We all wait, with our own destinations and our own worries; which are all suddenly quite unimportant. The highway snakes with the segmented body of static cars on the shimmering and splashing … Continue reading