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A great thing about being a writer is the wonderful feeling of being inspired by other, like-minded writers. And I found one… I found one who thinks like me but better.     I have posted a quote from this guy before,but I had no idea he was young, and still alive. He speaks like … Continue reading

#2: The Subtle Knife, Philip Pullman

The second book in His Dark Materials trilogy. Pullman is an artist. This book really showcases his command of the English Language, and his ability to string beautiful and poetic sentences and pieces of writing. For example, “Trees blazed like torches; the sap in their veins boiled and split them asunder, the pitch in the … Continue reading

#1: The Golden Compass, Philip Pullman

I’ve read this book before, but only now have I grasped the wonderful undertones that Pullman employs in this story. It is described as a children’s spin on Paradise Lost by John Milton. As I read, it unfolded before me. Lyra is the protagonist, and I think it is rather curious to note that her … Continue reading