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Battered and somewhat misplaced

The other night the bar closed at around 2am. People left and we did a deep clean for about an hour. After that we were all sitting around,waiting to cash up when a battered lady stumbled from the bathroom, across the floor with about as much speed as a chameleon, to the door. With a … Continue reading

Peak Season

It’s that time of year. That time when days blur together but time slows simultaneously. It’s Saturday, right? This week I had a 400 pax function that had my stress levels shooting through the roof and my heart dancing to wild palpitations. That function lasted what felt like days. It was fresh morning when I … Continue reading

Bad Day

Today is turning out to be awful. I am inclining toward the idea of punching someone in the face. Firstly, I just found out that I am expected to be working a function in town. I have clearly stated twice at previous functions that I do not wish to work functions in town ever again. … Continue reading

Days of Scathing Sun and Roaring Rain

Yesterday I worked a function on a Golf Course. For those of you that are not bartenders or managers, or who haven’t worked in the service industries, golf days suck. Mainly because I am a young female and all the older men want to flirt and have their jokes laughed at. One guy came up … Continue reading