NaNo – the good, the bad and the ugly

I have been writing every day for ten whole days. I battled through an exam on the 4th and was on track and still am on track. I have lost the ability to spell correctly. Apparently I am not mildly dyslexic, I am fully self-diagnosed – I have some sort of finger-spasming thing mixed with … Continue reading

Three Days In

Its three days in. I have written over 6000 words (woo hoo). I have, however, encountered Doubt. I feel like this draft is total crap. But hey, I’m going to keep going anyway. Maybe I will get into the swing of things a little bit more. Ok backing to writing….

Tread Lightly, Photographers

Today I think I have learned a valuable lesson that I would like to share. People don’t like photographers. Unless those people are paying said photographer. I am an amateur by every sense of the word. I have only a few months ago, picked up my first ever SLR camera. I have no idea what … Continue reading

NaNoWriMo Plot ready!

Today I experienced a true writer’s moment – my entire plot revealed itself to me while I was in the shower, innocently observing tiles. I voice recorded the whole idea, recited it to my sister and she thinks its great. That’s all the approval I need because she is a know-it-all teenager 😛 I’m overwhelmed … Continue reading

NaNo Planning – Setting the Scene

Today I forced myself from my other work to NaNo prep (or perhaps it was the other way around) and had a look into political systems. My world is based on political strife. I have learned so much about it this morning and have a far better idea about it than before. In fact, I … Continue reading

NaNo 2014 Approaches

Last year I found about about NaNo for the first time. On about the 7th of November. I used it to force myself to write more (whoopty doo) and ever since I have been anticipating November 2014. And now it’s a month away! I have never written a novel before. I have attempted chapters and … Continue reading

Visit the local park

Took a visit to the local Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, as ever looking for some inspiration and peace of heart. Perhaps with a bottle of wine.  And peace was achieved. 

Vegetables Grow at Home

A while ago, I started my own vegetable garden. It was something I have been wanting to do for a while because I am very suspicious of all products that I buy. It started off with tomatoes, and soon became chillis and broccoli and peas and rocket.   I have harvested a couple of things … Continue reading

Hello, earth?

I have been somewhat preoccupied with the whirlwind of life. I  have had my share of interesting experiences, as ever. The other night, at the bar, there was a young gentlemen who would order from me. I could barley understand him with his thick accent, and sometimes had to ask a couple of times before … Continue reading