Posted in February 2014

My Very First Cocktail ‘Invention’

I named it Citrine. 25ml Jose Cuervo Gold 25ml Bols Banana 20ml Malibu 2 dashes of peach bitters wash: 5ml archers shnapps and 2 drops vanilla essence Shake, strain and enjoy. (Recommended to accompany a good book).

Ignorance is the Greatest Disease of Humankind I, as a lover of nature and beauty and wonderous creatures, am often found sickened by greed and indifference. I see cruelty every day, and I ponder on the steelness of a human spirit in order to perform this cruelty. Maybe it’s numbness. Maybe it’s an all-devouring avarice. But, at worst, it’s paralysing desperation. … Continue reading