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Back for 2014

I am back in the world of the living. I have just had the wonderful opportunity of spending a full two weeks in the Kruger National Park. This beautiful place is my second home, and truthfully I have had one of the most amazing holidays that I have ever had. I wound down, accepted peace … Continue reading

RIP Tata Madiba

Today we mourn and celebrate the death of Nelson Mandela, a pillar of forgiveness and humblesness; the father of the South African nation. A world united, even if just for a day, in the honour of a human with un-human-like compassion. My favourite of his words: Today the heavens are weeping so that all we … Continue reading


A great thing about being a writer is the wonderful feeling of being inspired by other, like-minded writers. And I found one… I found one who thinks like me but better.     I have posted a quote from this guy before,but I had no idea he was young, and still alive. He speaks like … Continue reading


Pride is a deceitful thing. If someone comes to you, on their knees, asking for forgiveness and you say no; you are not a strong and indifferent wonder. You’re a damn coward. To ask for forgiveness does take courage, yes; but to accept that request is to put away your own pride and hurt and … Continue reading

I Made it Past 10K!

For those who don’t know, I started NaNo very late, with an intention of short stories and not a novel (well actually, maybe an anthology). But hey that is still writing and I’ve written more than I think I ever have before!! Head up, other nano’ers 🙂 Word Count: 10 129

Write In

On Thursday evening, I attended my first Write In. I was so nervous. I don’t consider myself a painfully introverted person, but I hate walking into situations that I am unsure of. And I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I arrived at the cafe a few minutes late, and the introvert within me … Continue reading

Bad Day

Today is turning out to be awful. I am inclining toward the idea of punching someone in the face. Firstly, I just found out that I am expected to be working a function in town. I have clearly stated twice at previous functions that I do not wish to work functions in town ever again. … Continue reading

Ten Random Thoughts

Inspired by 1. I wonder what my high school English teacher would say if she read my writing today. Either “excellent” or “you were a waste of my time.” 2. I should really wash my work shoes. I think it’s getting to the point where they will be highly unpleasant if I don’t. 3. Hostages … Continue reading

Looking for Some Inspiration

Today I was feeling devoid of inspiration. I have an exam tomorrow – the subject is Geography of Tourism. Ultimate bore fest. Not only that but I have a story to polish. So, I took some advice I have seen around to take a walk, and I found some pretty flowers in my garden. This … Continue reading