NaNo – the good, the bad and the ugly

I have been writing every day for ten whole days. I battled through an exam on the 4th and was on track and still am on track.

I have lost the ability to spell correctly. Apparently I am not mildly dyslexic, I am fully self-diagnosed – I have some sort of finger-spasming thing mixed with the dyslexia. sdosbdfo sdfbsodk weowet ,xnv. Right?

Writing every single day is hard.

My novel is crap. Its awful. I was reading through ‘My novel is so bad that…’ on the forum and yes. Yes that is me, over here, hello.

I seriously question the amount of coffee my body can handle before I start shaking. (this may be where the weird typing is coming from).

I have eaten a lot of junk/comfort/please-give-me-inspiration/excuse-for-a-break food.

I’m a little bit obsessed with word counts now (don’t like being behind).

If procrastination were a sport, I would be a damn Olympic Champion.

What does outside look like?

I am in love with writing, more than ever.

Happy writing peeps, let me know how you’re going!! (Lack of sleep has sucked away all the shame I would normally feel at having seriously said ‘peeps’).

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