Tread Lightly, Photographers

Today I think I have learned a valuable lesson that I would like to share. People don’t like photographers. Unless those people are paying said photographer.

I am an amateur by every sense of the word. I have only a few months ago, picked up my first ever SLR camera. I have no idea what I’m doing. Sometimes I press funny buttons when I’m bored to see what will happen. Sometimes that is a disaster. I stumbled upon a photography competition by World Nomads, the prize being a trip with a professional photographer to the Amazon. That’s only been on my bucket list since I’ve been about 5 years old. So yeah, I told myself to give it a go.

After researching and reading old entries for a day I was totally inspired – I live in a culturally rich city, I am so lucky! My subjects are all in my back yard.

Lol, no.

I went to an old church today to take some photos of a famous mural. In my way was a woman, bitter with racism and desperate to make my life difficult and she did. She succeeded in ruining my day. Thumbs up, grumpy lady. I did get away with some shots though so I am feeling triumphant. And I am also feeling acutely aware of the fact the racism is alive and well in certain places. Yes, how silly of me, OF COURSE it would be in a church, where acceptance and love are preached almost daily. That makes TOTAL sense.

I have learned a lot today. For example, if you are going to fight for a shot, make sure the weather is acceptable so that you don’t have to go back.

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