NaNoWriMo Plot ready!

Today I experienced a true writer’s moment – my entire plot revealed itself to me while I was in the shower, innocently observing tiles. I voice recorded the whole idea, recited it to my sister and she thinks its great. That’s all the approval I need because she is a know-it-all teenager πŸ˜› I’m overwhelmed with excitement. I think it’s enough to cover 50k.

A backtrack for those of you who don’t know of NaNoWriMo – it’s a challenge to write 50 000 words in the 30 days of November. I have been inspired since the first NaNo get together this weekend. The writing community inspires me – it is so welcoming and supportive. You guys rock!

So prep is going down. I have installed a coffee machine that I found in a dusty box atop a cupboard. I am about to buy extra tea and healthy snacks. I have no idea what else to plan, really. Erm. Anyone have some advice?

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