Hello, earth?

I have been somewhat preoccupied with the whirlwind of life.

I  have had my share of interesting experiences, as ever. The other night, at the bar, there was a young gentlemen who would order from me. I could barley understand him with his thick accent, and sometimes had to ask a couple of times before I could comprehend his order.

After a couple of rounds, he came to the bar and (after exuberant repetition) I gathered that he wanted a shot of tequila and four spoons. I had to..

“May I ask where you are from?”

He told me he was from the Eastern part of Germany, where the accent is very thick, and that he was travelling the world.

This tequila thing, though. When I asked, he told me the spoons were to snort the tequila, and this was a drinking game in Germany. I watched him painfully snort the tequila, tears streaming from his eyes. and asked him how you win the drinking game. He looked very confused and answered simply,

“You get drunk.” 

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